About us

Madrid four-piece Hickeys draw from many different sources and combine softness with vehemence trusting in heavy instrumentals and non-conformity driven writing. Marta Kunitsa (guitar), Ana Erice (guitar), Maite Barrena (drums) and Martina G. Compairé (bass) met at college and knew it was only together that they could start this project.

As a result of these past years together, they have released the first two singles of their upcoming debut album:

“MOTHERLODE” (2021, self edited). It is born of the impossibility to lock the disillusion down in themselves; of the inability to disregard disconformity and follow the logic line drawn by others. On the contrary, they’ve let their deepest feelings loose in a single that marks the turning point for the band.

“Circuit Lies (You Don’t Have To Know)” (2021, self edited). The tightrope of leisure, strangers, clumsiness, lack of shine: we enter a spiral of sterile conversations and the discomfort that is hidden in the most public places. Automatism plays the lead role when considering people as objects of entertainment and not as subjects. Understanding is in dispute because the task is to forget.

These singles come along with their respective music videos, both directed by María Muriedas and Ximón Agirre: two interesting and quite different pieces that represent the qualitative shift that the band is taking towards a stage of greater artistic maturity.