About us

Madrid-based four-piece Hickeys began their musical journey in 2018, bursting onto the Spanish music scene with a sound that simultaneously embraces the darkest post-punk and the finest alternative rock, influenced, above all, by British post-punk bands. With a style that successfully marries forcefulness with sensitivity, they are committed to powerful instrumentals and disconformity. Hickeys have so far toured homeland Spain, Portugal, the UK, ItalyGermany, Norway, Holland (Eurosonic), and the United States, with performances at SXSW and the New Colossus Festival already under their belts. Hickeys have rolled out the heavy artillery with their first full-length album, Fragile Structure, released in September 2022.

Fragile Structure: consisting of 10 songs and 3 interludes, this is a record about breaking points, about frustration, lack of desire. A structure that symbolizes each one of them and them altogether: what they have felt, lived, thought, appreciated and suffered“Fragile Structure holds clues, puzzles, messages… we have designed an album as if it were an artifact to be assembled and disassembled. The album explores different points of rupture and the resulting figure that emerges from a crack.”